Happy 27th Anniversary

April 20, 1991 I married my best friend. Yesterday we celebrated our 27th anniversary by going for a 11.5 mile hike at nearby Daniel Boone National Forrest. It has the Red River Gorge flowing through it as well as the Sheltowee Trail (marked by the white turtle).

We decided to do a hike we’ve never done before and it was definitely a good choice. We spent about 3 miles hiking parallel to the river and the other 3 at the top of the park. We had 4 river crossings that were a bit technical in order not to get soaked and cold. We both got wet but it was tolerable.

The weather was near perfect starting in the high 40’s and ending in the mid to high 50’s.

We have learned to love being out hiking. It’s a place where we can talk about everything or not talk at all and we are both ok with that.

My hubs is a speed walker/hiker and I like to hike nice and slow and enjoy the scenery so for the most part I’ll attempt to lead the hike so I can stop and enjoy Mother Nature.

We finished the hike in about 4.5 hours and decided to go ahead and drive 2 hours home to relax for the rest of the evening. This was our first hike of the season and I think it drained us both.

Happy Trails!

Last day Orange Beach 2017

Well today is the last day of this particular vacation. I’m sad, but I’m ready to go and I believe my hubs is ready as well. The most thing I dread the most is the drive home. I hate the drives home from vacations, especially 10 hour drives.

Today’s weather is unfortunately rainy and cool. Looks like to sun bathing today. I’ve actually had too much sun, but it feels so good to lay and soak up the rays with the wind blowing.

We stayed in last night and my BIL and his girlfriend made us dinner. They had things to do so the hubs and I took a walk on the beach and FaceTime our man-child. It’s was a great nite. We wanted to take a long walk this morning but again the weather isn’t cooperating

The positive of the morning was a rainbow that peaked through and I did see a dolphin for a brief moment.

The beach is empty, just the way I like it.
We are planning brunch and then I’m not sure what else today will bring.

For now I’m going to lay around in my robe, wrapped up in my snuggie trying to find a good movie to watch


Today I feel as if the only friends I have are related to social media. I’ve decided to deactivate my Facebook account. This weekend my phone didn’t ring with any friends asking me to hang out, to see a movie, to grab a drink, or go for a walk. My phone rang because there was help needed at work and because I asked 2 ladies if they were interestedly going to Christian event.

Unfortunately my hubs doesn’t understand the concept that women need friends. I need the capability to socialize. I need female friends to confide in.

I feel so lonely right now, I’m just really feeling the blues especially since my Mom is gone. I feel as if I have no one except my hubs and kids.

What’s a lady to do?

A New Phase Begins….

So my man-child graduated from college yesterday. I am having such a hard time processing this….

I can remember the day so vividly when I went into labor with him. Every detail of that morning, waking up at 6am on a Sunday in full blown labor. I could barely walk to the phone (no cell phones then) to call the doctor. I remember wanting my husband to turn on the lights and siren of his police car to get us to the hospital as fast as possible. 

One labor began and I started progressing, his head engaged, there was his red hair presenting itself before the rest of him. Wow, my boy has red hair. The color of his hair has not changed. 

He has been a handful over the years, a crazy hyper little toddler who didn’t like wearing clothes. A kid who didn’t enjoy school, so many fights over homework. A teenager who followed all the rules, one we never gave a curfew to. An adult who is so intelligent that it scares me sometimes. He still acts like that kid who doesn’t want to clean his room, do his laundry or clean up after himself in the kitchen. 

I’m going to miss him so much when he moves out next month. The pounding up and down the stairs, the size 13 shoes in the middle of the kitchen. Just knowing he will be home every night. 

I know they all must spread their wings and fly, I’m glad he’s only flying 6.5 miles away โค๏ธ

We are so blessed to have this person/adult/son/man-child as our own. I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Death bites

So we buried my mom 1 month ago today so I decided to make a visit to the cemetery today. I stopped by and picked up my stepdad, who has Stage 4 brain/lung/adrenal gland cancer. He just finished 2 weeks of radiation on Friday. 

His hair is coming out like a dog shedding, he looks more emanciated, but he says he feels good. He’s on quite a bit of pain medicine due to fractured vertebrae and his lung cancer so he falls asleep easily. 

We had a good day just sitting and enjoying the weather at the cemetery and grabbed a bite to eat on the way back. When we returned to the trailer that he and my momma live in, I started packing up her clothes. She is a borderline hoarder, so we have A LOT to clean up but as Mike says “you have forever to do that.”

I have all her jewelry to go thru. She loved her jewelry. Unfortunately she’s a smoker and everything smells of smoke so it has to air out. 

Over all it was a good day. I shed a few tears, but I didn’t blubber ๐Ÿ˜Š and the small yellow/orange butterflies were everywhere ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

Fit at 50

My goal was to have defined muscular body by the time I am 50. Unfortunately too many things have happened and I am not going to meet that goal. 

I’ll return to working out soon, but right now family comes first. I did wear a bikini on this trip and my gurl told me I could still rock it 1 month shy of turning 50. There is no muscle definition anywhere, but that’s ok. I still have time, a year to get there. It is what it is……

Sunset Cruise

Last nite my brother-in-law and his girlfriend took us on a sunset cruise on a catamaran. It’s the 1st time I’ve ever been on that kind of boat. I would love to go out again sit on the netting on the front of the boat. I wa afraid I would get sea-sick, but fortunately I didn’t. I had a moment of slight queasiness but it quickly passed. 

The cruise provided us with horderves and drinks (non-alcoholic). We snacked on cheeses and crackers as we sailed out into the ocean. The ocean was a bit choppy but soon settled down. I just enjoyed watching the scenery and the wind in my hair.  So relaxing….

As we cruised around, the sun began to set and it was absolutely beautiful. I am ready to go again soon ……

26th Wedding Anniversaryย 

So yesterday we arrived in Orange Beach AL. We are staying at Turquoise Place where my brother in law and his girlfriend work. They “comped” us a long weekend so the brothers can visit. 

The condo we are staying in is worth well over 1 million dollars and I have only 1 complaint……the balcony furniture. I love to sit in a comfortable chair, watch the sunrise and have my coffee. Well this place has a metal table and chairs, no chaise, no lounge chairs and I’m not very comfortable this morning. I really shouldn’t complain, we are staying free. 

So we went to dinner last night at a place called The Fishers Dockside.  We had black eyed pea humus with amazing deep fried pita chips (sorry I forgot the pic) for an appetizer. I had the chefs summer vege plate with a blueberry mojito and my hubs had fish tacos (the one time I wish I ate meat). My plate was beautiful, but it was literally a plate of raw veges ๐Ÿ˜•.  I left feeling so bloated…..too much ruffage. 

We ended the night relaxing in the hot tub with a drink. No need for small talk, we enjoy just being together. That’s one thing I love about my marriage. We don’t have to always be talking, we enjoy just being together. 

Happy 26th Anniversary babe, may there be at least 26 more โค๏ธ

Our 1st Vacation Without Kids

Our 1st Vacation Without Kids

So we leave today for Orange Beach, AL for an beach vacation. It is our 1st real vacation ALONE! We have gone on long weekends along, but this is the real deal.

My hubs doesn’t really like the beach, but he goes because he know I love to go sit and read and listen to my music. It’s been a long couple of months and I really need a break from life and he is giving it to me. I haven’t even tried on my bathing suits and at this point, I could really care less if they fit or not. If i have to I will sit out in my sports bra and running shorts. I am shutting down from social media for the week.

While we are gone we will be celebrating out 26th wedding anniversary. Where did the time go? Wow, he must really love me to put up with me this long. This man has been my rock, my confidant, my best friend. He is our provider, our stronghold, our man. He is the best husband and father we could have ever asked for. He is all that and a bag of chips ๐Ÿ™‚


See y’all on the flip side…..

It could be so easy….

I got off work early today and my first thought was to go home, have dinner and a glass of wine. I can see how during the grieving process addiction could happen easily. I have noticed myself wanting alcohol more and more. Not that I have more than a glass of wine, its just fact I am wanting it more often than usual. It used to be after a hard day at work, but as I have said now its becoming more often.

So, I came home and grabbed a bottle of water instead. I am not saying I wont have wine here and there and a beer here and there, but I wont use it as a tool to grieve. I am heading to the beach this weekend for a get away with the hubs and I am going to have a lot of alcohol. This will be the exception to the rule in my life.

I have fought the fight of stress eating, now I am fighting the fight of stress drinking and I will win this fight!!!!!!!